2022 ICCS Charity Show

ICCS Annual fundraiser event

Please join over 200 cast and crew members in celebrating the 75th aniversary of Indian independence. The dazzling and elaborate dance and song extravaganza will showcase the rich culture and arts of the Indian subcontinent

Our Marquee Event

Every year, in the fall, the Indian community of Colorado Springs join together to put up a show with songs and dances highlighting the rich cultural heritage of India.

The performance features Indian classical, folk and modern dances along with beautifully performed live music covering many, many years of Indian history.

These programs have been highly praised for their professional presentations and traditionally, the tickets are sold out well in advance. Please visit this website frequently for updates on this year's show. If you would like to get involved in the show please

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Diwali - The festival of lamps

Of all the festivals celebrated in India, Diwali is the most glamorous one. Homes are decorated with lighted lamps to create a magical atmosphere of joy and festivity.

Diwali celebrations in India are similar to Christmas celebrations in the USA. In the north, Diwali is celebrated for king Rama's return after his epic war with Ravana, the demon king of Lanka.

In the south, legend concerns the victory of good over evil. Narakasura, the demon of hell, challenged Krishna for a battle. After a fierce fight lasting two days, the demon was killed.

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HTCC Baisakhi Flyer

2022 Baisakhi Celebration - Our fundraiser event to benefit The Hindu Temple of the Rockies


To our Patrons

Indian Community of Colorado Springs
thanks you for making this event a huge success and for your continued support!

Diwali_2019 Flyer SM

2019 Lok Kala - Annual Charity Show


To our Patrons

Indian Community of Colorado Springs
thanks you for your incredible support!

Colorado Springs Diwali Show - 2018
Colorado Springs Diwali Show - 2018

Thank you for your support!



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